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Recognizing Patterns

2 Dec

I’d rather give than receive, and forget about asking – it makes me super uncomfortable.  I’d rather just do it all myself, regardless if it is practical or not.  So I do it all until I can’t anymore and end up remedying the situation with a chocolate bar & cookies.

Since being pregnant – I’m offered seats on the subway and my immediate response has been: thank you, but that’s OK – i’m fine standing.  I wasn’t really fine, but I just didn’t want anyone to give up something they had in order for me to have it.  Eventually I started to graciously accept these offers thinking – if they really didn’t want to give their seat to me, they wouldn’t have offered.

It’s all a choice.  To give, to receive, and to ask.  Even if one is easier than the other.


Asking – now this is a huge hang up.  I believe I should be able to do it all by myself, like superwoman, so when I can’t, or I fall short – I let that determine my self-worth.  In my mind – asking for help = weakness, so I muster up every bit I have to trudge through the task ahead.  That is until I can’t anymore and eat an entire bag of potato chips.

See a trend here?

slow down

With the holiday season upon us, there is a whole lot of parties, shopping, cooking, socializing, and decorating going on.  A lot of us givers end up over giving and meltdowns can be plentiful – all of a sudden we are on empty but still have 50 miles to go.

Instead of constantly giving.  What would happen if we received? If we asked for support?  If we politely said no?  If we did less?  If we under-committed instead of overcommitted?  Imagine the space & ease that would provide.

These are questions I’m asking myself, and trusting they will guide me into a magical, miracle filled last month of the year.   May they do the same for you.




Letting A Number Determine My Self Worth

15 Apr

I haven’t owned a scale until recently.  I loved having no idea what I weighed.   It was liberating.  But for whatever reason I decided to buy one.

All of a sudden I found myself stepping onto the scale every morning before I got into the shower. I didn’t realize how toxic this ritual was as I began to let the numbers on the scale dictate the way I felt about my body and ultimately my value.  If it was a low number I felt like a million bucks, but if it was higher than I wanted to be I felt awful about myself.

I took a break.  I was tired of letting a number hold so much weight in my heart.  Instead of tuning into a number I started to check in with how I was feeling in my body.  And lately I have been feeling fantastic.  I have been running more regularly, doing yoga, eating lots of fresh veggies, drinking green juice almost daily, and have found myself craving less chocolate.

changing my perspective So today as I got into the shower – the scale seduced me to step on it again.  I did.  And I did not like the number I saw.  I immediately began to listen to the mean self talk that started stirring in my mind – trying to figure out what I needed to cut out or deprive myself of.  What I was doing wrong.  Why I was failing.  That dialogue lasted for a few minutes.  Until I realized – I feel great, I am taking good care of my body.  Where did this obsession come from of having my beauty and worth be tied to a slender number.  Isn’t the most important thing to feel vibrant and alive?

photo-33So the scale didn’t win today.  I’m learning.

The Sweet Life

24 Mar

My life rocks.

Did I really just say that? Kind of obnoxious right? It feels weird to say, and kind of wrong.
But I bet your life kicks butt too.

I don’t often say that my life rocks, nor do I think it. Instead I focus on what’s missing, what’s in the way between me and my ideal life….totally discounting the one I currently have.

But if I actually stop and take it all in – I am beyond blessed. Something that is all too often easy to forget.

I am building a beautiful home with the man of my dreams, have supportive and rock solid family & friends, a satisfying job, spent last week snowboarding & this week in Mexico City with my dear friend and… well you get the picture.


So go ahead and make your list. Jot down the things that shimmer and shine in your life. A deceivingly simple task with super charged benefits. Keep it somewhere safe and refer to it when you feel like you are just in the muck.

Of course there will always be areas and things that you wish to improve… And that is the sweet stuff, the stuff that keeps us interested, engaged and fully alive. So instead of discounting everything that is – when I find myself intensely desiring everything that is not. I do my best to refer to my list, and would love some company when things get murky.


Stop and Smell the Roses

12 Mar

A continuation on where we have been… little ways to love yourself – finding softness and light in daily actions & thoughts.

Thought #2

Get Yourself Some Flowers

I usually wait for someone to buy me flowers.  I rarely treat myself to what seems like something extra or frivolous.  But then inspired by a recent ABC furniture trip with my friend, I saw these tiny little vases with one little flower which totally brightened up the surrounding space.  So I bought myself some flowers, and put them in little vases and jars all around the apartment.   Image

It is incredible how something so simple can be so refreshing.  When I first put them around, I found myself constantly surprised each time I saw the beauty in the unexpected place.  By my bedside, on the bathroom sink, on my dresser, on the kitchen table, and any other corner I could find.

Best thing, you could spend $5.00 or less on a little flower beauty.

ImageA little nugget I heard from Kim Depole: Your home is your temple, a place where you come back to to recharge and rejuvenate.  So carefully craft and design your space so it fills you up, rather than stresses you out.Image

Scrape. Pull. Brush. Rub

12 Mar

This week, I am sharing the things I do to practice loving myself so I can be the purest expression of me: here is where it started.

Thought #1: Self-Care

Self-care is one of the many subtle ways we can show ourselves we care, we matter, and we totally rock.  Self-care can look like many different things, like the typical brushing your teeth, flossing, & showering, which are common practices.  I have been using my morning routine as a base to sprinkle little rituals that leave me feeling sparkling, clean, and nourished.  Here are four Ayurveda practices that you can try on and see how it fits:

photo-11Scrape:  Scrape your tongue.  Your what? Your tongue!  You can do it with a metal spoon, or get yourself a tongue scraper – scrape from the back of your tongue to the front (about 5-7 times) to remove all the gunk that surfaces throughout the night.  That film is your body detoxing, and if you don’t scrape it off you end up ingesting it back into your body as you drink water/coffee.  ick.

Pull:  I hop in the shower with some coconut oil in my mouth and swish it all around.  Swishing this oil arounds pulls all the toxins and mucus out of your system and into the oil – so when you spit it out all the stuff you don’t want or need in your body leaves with the oil.  Make sure to spit it out in the trash – it will clog up the sink otherwise.

Brush:  Dry brushing.  Before I get in to the shower I brush my body moving in circular motions from limbs towards my heart.  This increases circulation, gets rid of dead skin, stimulates lymphatic system (which gets rid of toxins) and leaves the skin glowing.

Rub: Lather up my body (well mostly just my legs) with almond oil or even coconut oil.  This hydrates the skin in a beautiful, clean, and toxic free way.

Now, there are some days where this all just doesn’t happen.  But I aim to make it a routine so it occurs more often than not.  Try one, two, three, or all four on for size! Let me know how it goes, or what other practices you do to get yourself ready for the day.

Schedule Some Lovin’

14 Jan

In your week ahead carve out some slivers or even slabs of time to dote and take care of yourself.  Often, we give, give, give to everyone around us and we forget about ourselves, what we need in order to stay in balance.  We then loose steam, get sick, and have no other choice but to slow down and nurture ourselves.

photoSo be proactive.  Go inward.  Schedule a massage, take a hot bath, drink a cup of tea in silence, cuddle up on the couch with a book that has been on your list, make yourself a delicious and nutritious breakfast, write in your journal, try out acupuncture, go on a walk, a run, dress up one day, take a movement class, have a dance party in your kitchen, you get to choose.  Choose something that makes you feel glorious & rejuvenated so that energy can seep into your days and your life.

Have a beautiful week ahead.