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Food Snob

29 Oct

My husband thinks I am a food snob, and perhaps I am.

Monday Mussels

Mussels on Monday

Or maybe I am aware enough to demand an increase in the quality of the food that is served in this world.

It is easy to have my ‘food snob’ preferences met while living in Brooklyn, but when I travel (which I have been doing recently) I’m not as in control of the choices I have to eat and my food snobbiness begins to surface.  Here are some recent examples:

  • We go out for barbecue and I genuinely wonder where the meat came from.  I wished with all my might that it was local, grass fed, and hormone free.  Pretty sure that wasn’t the case so I turned a blind eye and ate it anyway.
  • I saw hot chocolate advertised outside a cafe, and dreamed of drinking a mug of thick, creamy, and rich hot chocolate made of real ingredients only to find out it was made with nesquik and milk – I politely declined, and was thankful I inquired.
  • While at brunch the waiter asked if I wanted orange juice.  I asked if it was freshly squeezed, he replied yes, no sugar added, and poured the orange liquid from the carafe – it was from a carton.  Who knows when those oranges were actually squeezed.

I’m disillusioned by supermarkets, I’m disenchanted by the dwindling quality of what can be called and referred to as food.  I want to eat real food, made by real people, with real ingredients – because that is the equation for GOOD FOOD, which is what I’m all about.

Food Mantra

Food Mantra

I’m starting to wonder if that is really such a preposterous request?  Is it absurd to desire local apples that are minimally treated if not straight up organic, real chocolate made with cacao +  sugar – nothing else, bread made from flour, yeast, and water  – that’s it.

When these things aren’t available I eat crap and then I just end up wanting and eating more crap. I grab a bag of peanut m&ms for that 4:00 pick me up and crave more, because I’m not satisfied.  My body isn’t full of real ingredients & nutrients – just fake stuff trying to appear as real food, made by machines & labs rather than people.

So if you find yourself making ‘bad’ choices, give yourself a break.  With all the chemicals and additives it’s very hard not to be addicted to all this junk.  Instead add in some real food (veggies, fruits, beans, grains, etc), and see what happens.  Your body will begin to crave REAL food and it will feel so good.

vibrant veggies

vibrant veggies

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.
(just remember to love food that loves you too!)

– George Bernard Shaw

So go ahead and be a food snob.  Your body will thank you.

Overheard at the Coop

10 Sep

I am a member of the Park Slope Food Coop and for those of you haven’t heard me either complain or rave about it (I do both), well that’s another story.  The Coop has really great produce, cheese, bulk items, raw chocolate, etc.. that are fresh and affordable since each member has to work a shift.

While working my shift last week I overheard another member say, “I’m giving up sugar…and when I say sugar I mean maple syrup, honey, agave…  I’m giving up wheat…and when I say wheat I mean bread, pasta, pizza and only having 2 tablespoons of grains: quinoa, amaranth…  I’m giving up dairy…and when I say – well you get the idea.

While although that way of eating is extremely healthy, what’s the point of living? Shortly after that, another woman asked if I was a vegan – I then went out for a meatball sub.

I even had a few sips of Coke

I even had a few sips of Coke

Aware this was certainly not one of the healthiest things I could have eaten, I ordered anyway – and savored half of the warm, gooey, sandwich.  Do I eat that way every day?  Nope.

I shoot for something like more like this - colorful.

I shoot for something like more like this – colorful nutrient dense eating.

When it comes to food, as it comes to anything else in life, it’s all a balance. And finding your unique balance is essential to your health and enJOYment of life.  You can have a vegan diet filled with green juice & algae – but if you’re not enjoying it – what’s the point?  I’m all about green tonics and seaweed, but I also enjoy a pizza and beer every now and then.

The thing I find troubling is when we ‘indulge’ we often then bear the wrath of our inner critic, “I can’t believe you did that, that was so gross, you have no self control, you are a fattie and always will be” ….at least that’s what mine sounds like.  Then we end up feeling worse about ourselves and our self worth.  Did eating a bowl of ice cream really make you that much worse of a person?  I don’t think so.  I’m interested instead of food being right or wrong, finding a well balanced approach to eating.

There are many reasons behind what we eat and how we eat, and that can give us a lot of information about our relationship to ourselves – which is the most important relationship we have in this world.  Take a look and see what comes up when you reach for what you reach for – and be as gentle as you can be.  Be a detective, use your food choices as evidence as how you are feeling, drop the judgement and replace with patience and forgiveness.  Because it’s always changing, just like the weather.

Superfy Your Salad

19 Aug

Salads can become boring, uninspiring, healthy ought to’s – rather than scrumptious, exciting, delicious want to’s.  Here are some ways you can add to it’s nutritional content and really design beauty for your belly on a plate.

  • Choose Dark GreensSwap the ice-berg and the romaine for dark leafy greens: kale, arugla, spinach, mixed greens, watercress, dandelion greens etc.  The darker the green the more nutrient dense it is.  So it will fill you up and leave you full of energy.  
  • Add Your Seeds:  Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, etc – sprinkle them on.  They are a great source of fiber, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids – not to mention they are filled with energy (think of the chia pet or sunflower seed that eventually grows from that tiny little seed) that will leave you powered for the rest of the day.
  • Sproutify:  Take it the next step by adding sprouts to your salad.  You can even grow them yourself.  They are easy for your body to digest, filled with vitamins and minerals, and add a nice texture for your taste buds to enjoy.  For more on the glory of sprouts, click here.
  • Homemade Salad Dressing:  As convenient as bottled salad dressings are, you end up paying for a bottle of ingredients that are less than desirable to be putting into your body.  Keep it simple and make your own, or if you are out just ask for olive oil and vinegar, and sprinkle some S&P if you’d like.
  • Top Till Your Hearts Content:  To make it a meal, add a grain, some veggies, beans, or fruit – layer whatever you need to feel nourished and full.  * A little cheese can go a long way 🙂
kale + blueberries + walnuts + parmesan + honey vinegarette

kale + blueberries + walnuts + parmesan + honey vinegarette

If that isn’t enough to get you excited about a bowl of leafy greens, check out this endless guide of salad recipes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

And if you need a quick and easy go to salad dressing try:

1/2 cup – balsamic vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)

1 cup – olive oil

1 clove of garlic minced

1 scoop of mustard

1 scoop of honey

Salt and pepper to taste

Make a batch and keep on hand in an airtight container for up to two weeks.  And if you are using kale as your base, don’t forget to massage the dressing into those curly, curly ends.  Makes it much more tastier.

So here is to an inspirational and nutritionally dense salad that will leave you feeling full and energized.  I would love to hear your favorite salad, or ways that you superfy your leafy greens… the options are endless.  Leave a comment below!

A Gift For You

25 Jul

August is my favorite month. It is the month I was born, my husband was born, the month of our wedding anniversary, and the last month before school begins again – many things to celebrate. In honor of this month I am celebrating by offering my tele-course,  Nourish You, for free. My gift to you.


I designed this course as a tool to take a look at our lives from a 360 degree view. It is filled with meaningful information on how to make empowered and healthy choices with your food, thoughts, and actions – ultimately leading to an energized and informed way of living.

The Details:

There will be a live conference call from 8:00 pm-9:00 pm EST on

Tuesday, August 6th

Tuesday, August 13th

Tuesday, August 20th &

Tuesday, August 27th.

If you can’t make the call live, you will be given the recording, so you can listen at your convenience.

What you need to do:

Email awellfedbody@gmail.com and I will send you follow up information on how to access the calls and recordings. I am really excited to be offering this course again, it is rich in content and there is something for everyone.

On Play

9 Jul

When you were a kid play was a part of your everyday experience.  A constant occurrence.  Without thinking or planning for it – it just happened happened.  Play tapped us into our essence, our understanding and exploration of the world, and through play we accessed joy and freedom.  There are many versions of play: racing, building, pretending, creating, connecting, etc – all a source of fun.

Now as an adult juggling work, groceries, relationships, and a day planner – you have to wonder who has time for play? That is what children do and I am a grown up.  But I’m here to remind you how incredibly important and necessary play is for everyone, no matter what the age.  It has the power to bring you back to the moment, into the present, connecting to yourself, all the while creating joy.

How you play as an adult may or may not resemble your favorite childhood activities that you used to get lost in, they may take on a new form – but the benefits will be the same.  Feeling tapped in, tuned in, alive, and free.  When we are able to access those feelings we are less likely to overeat or turn to food to fill any gaps we may be experiencing.

So get out your crayons, go kick a soccer ball, fly a kite, or whatever you need to do to unwind from the business of being an adult.  What is it that you loved to do as a kid?  Can you bring it back?


Want more?  Join me tonight for a free tele-class as we learn how a firm base rooted in play influences the quality and quantity of the food you tend to eat.

Become aware of how the external components of your day guide the choices you make at meals.  Understand and organize these aspects so you can eat with clarity and freedom.

Tuesday, July 9th at 8:00pm 

Dial in Number: 530-881-1300

Participant Access Code: 150606

Talk to you then.

You & Food

1 Jul

What you eat is deeply tied into many factors, whether we realize it or not.

For instance for a while I was in the habit of chowing down on whatever I could find after work as an ‘afternoon snack’: cheese + crackers + hummus, cookies, chocolate, trail mix, wine, etc… you name it I ate it under the context and belief of it didn’t count.  I worked so hard during the day so this was my freebie.  But was it really?

I got a new job, became way happier in my work environment and didn’t feel the need or desire to unwind and disconnect through food.

Some evenings when I’m alone or feeling lonely I will devour anything sweet and creamy.  When I am filled with the relationships in my life – one square of dark chocolate will do.

See where I am going?

We all have our patterns and habits with food, and the first thing we can do is become aware of what they are, and if they are actually any good for us.  Join me for a free call, Tuesday, July 9th where we will uncover how our relationships may influence the amount of chocolate we consume, or how our satisfaction at our jobs influence the amount of salads we eat.

Nourish You

A very intricate and layered relationship that informs the choices we make.  Clarify any hang ups and leave the call feeling empowered with steps you can follow to lead you to a healthy and vibrant you.  Email awellfedbody@gmail.com to reserve your spot and receive more information.

Find out how things that you can’t put on your plate influence the quality and quantity of the food you put on your plate.

Summer Travel Tips

24 Jun

Happy Summer!  ‘Tis the season for sunshine, barbecues, watermelon, and travel.  Summer is one my favorite times of the year, but as I include more time away from home and out of my routine, I find it more challenging to keep my seat on the health train.  Not that you need to be super rigid since your routines won’t be exactly the same given whatever new environment you may be in, but I have found a few things that I pack in my suitcase, to make my travel time a bit more comfortable and consistent.

I just recently spent a few days in Minneapolis and this is what the counter in my hotel looked like: seaweed snacks, homemade granola, lemons, green powder, coconut oil, (not pictured) super good quality dark chocolate – making it less likely to reach for a snickers when I am overrun by my sweet tooth, and vitamins in a zip-loc bag.

health on the road


These treats helped me to stay on track.  Here’s what it comes down to:

1.  Keep and honor your routines as best as possible

My morning routines keep me super grounded and present to my health when I’m home, so why toss them when I’m away?  Just as I wouldn’t stop brushing my teeth when I’m away from home, I keep the rest of my routines intact.  Even if that means bringing a little jar of coconut oil so I can do my oil pulling, my tongue scraper, and actual lemons so I can make lemon water before I head out the door.  So be it.

2.  Be prepared – have some healthy snacks available 

When I have some tasty and healthy treats on hand, I am less likely to hit up whatever vending machine is there.  Or wait until I am so ravenous that I consume an entire bag of potato chips (like I may have done the other day 🙂 ! ).  In this day and age, health is very much related to being prepared and proactive.  So you aren’t left reaching and reacting.

3.  Schedule in time and room in your suitcase

Just as you have to pack your clothes, accessories, and toiletries, factor in what you need for your health too.  A little extra thought and planning goes a long way.  Sure they may question you through airport security – but trust me it’s all worth it.


With that – I do have to admit… I certainly veered off track during my travels, but I don’t think it was as far off as I could have gone if I didn’t have certain things in place.  It’s all a process and you can learn from what worked and what didn’t instead of beating yourself up and try again the next time. Ahh…

Would love to hear about any tips and tricks you have when you pack up the bags and head out for an adventure.