Superfy Your Salad

19 Aug

Salads can become boring, uninspiring, healthy ought to’s – rather than scrumptious, exciting, delicious want to’s.  Here are some ways you can add to it’s nutritional content and really design beauty for your belly on a plate.

  • Choose Dark GreensSwap the ice-berg and the romaine for dark leafy greens: kale, arugla, spinach, mixed greens, watercress, dandelion greens etc.  The darker the green the more nutrient dense it is.  So it will fill you up and leave you full of energy.  
  • Add Your Seeds:  Chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, etc – sprinkle them on.  They are a great source of fiber, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids – not to mention they are filled with energy (think of the chia pet or sunflower seed that eventually grows from that tiny little seed) that will leave you powered for the rest of the day.
  • Sproutify:  Take it the next step by adding sprouts to your salad.  You can even grow them yourself.  They are easy for your body to digest, filled with vitamins and minerals, and add a nice texture for your taste buds to enjoy.  For more on the glory of sprouts, click here.
  • Homemade Salad Dressing:  As convenient as bottled salad dressings are, you end up paying for a bottle of ingredients that are less than desirable to be putting into your body.  Keep it simple and make your own, or if you are out just ask for olive oil and vinegar, and sprinkle some S&P if you’d like.
  • Top Till Your Hearts Content:  To make it a meal, add a grain, some veggies, beans, or fruit – layer whatever you need to feel nourished and full.  * A little cheese can go a long way 🙂
kale + blueberries + walnuts + parmesan + honey vinegarette

kale + blueberries + walnuts + parmesan + honey vinegarette

If that isn’t enough to get you excited about a bowl of leafy greens, check out this endless guide of salad recipes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

And if you need a quick and easy go to salad dressing try:

1/2 cup – balsamic vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)

1 cup – olive oil

1 clove of garlic minced

1 scoop of mustard

1 scoop of honey

Salt and pepper to taste

Make a batch and keep on hand in an airtight container for up to two weeks.  And if you are using kale as your base, don’t forget to massage the dressing into those curly, curly ends.  Makes it much more tastier.

So here is to an inspirational and nutritionally dense salad that will leave you feeling full and energized.  I would love to hear your favorite salad, or ways that you superfy your leafy greens… the options are endless.  Leave a comment below!

On Yoga

13 Aug

I like to think I practice regularly.  But if I actually think about it, a good week is if I get to class once, and that doesn’t happen often.  I also like to think my morning yoga routine is satisfactory – but it is so brief, with a few cat/cows and down dogs to wake up my body that I can hardly count it.

I was reading an article about the countless benefits of yoga, and each study included that the participants practiced 3 times a week, or at least once a week regularly.  That got me thinking about how much more I’d like to actually practice yoga regularly, rather than think about it, read about it, or look at yoga pictures.

Then my brain begins to play the incredible mind game once I start thinking about unrolling my mat: ‘You don’t have enough time to dedicate to yoga now – you have emails to write, sessions to plan, dishes to clean, etc, etc.’ And it is so convincing I often buy into this banter.  I do have all those things to do.

But here is the sparkling gem.  When I make time for yoga, the rest of it gets done with more ease and grace than otherwise would have without yoga.   So now I am subbing this banter in: if you want to do this ‘to do list’ gracefully – get your butt on the mat for at least 30 minutes three times a day lady.  And don’t even try to listen to the excuses the mind will fabricate – because the mind is veeerrrryy good at making excuses.

Take a look at see where your excuses are giving you a way out either with exercise, diet, relationships, career, etc – and do what you know is going to be the best for you.   Because we all know what it is that we could be doing.

Motivation Broken Down

29 Jul

Motivation.  Something that can pull you effortlessly along, or something you can tirelessly chase and yet never seem to catch.  I have been dancing in and out of the sensation of motivation, and have started what is motivation anyway?

….clarity, focus, momentum, intention, direction….

Maybe it’s replacing the word motivation with inspiration.

When I am in a destructive habit or pattern I know is unhealthy and yet can’t seem to do anything about it, I feel helpless and continue on with that behavior.  Other times my perspective changes, almost like somebody flipped the switch and I am much more clear with what I can be doing to get me to where I want to go.  I make changes, I don’t look back, I honor my word to myself.

So what makes the switch turn on?

A lot of times our minds know we should or shouldn’t be doing certain things, but it takes a while for us to take action.  We either wait until things get so bad that there is no other option (ie: you have a heart attack – result – time to change your diet), or you take control and get proactive and act accordingly.

Here are some factors that I think can jump start the flick of the switch.

  • Visibility:  Often times we have an idea of what we are doing, but not the full picture.  It feels better if we don’t actually witness how many cookies we just ate (guilty!) or how much time we have been mindlessly surfing the web.  If we write what we are doing down, take pictures of the sugary food we are eating, or log our negative draining thoughts for a day – we can see much more clearly and that can seriously jumpstart our way towards change.
  • A Time Sensitive Intention:  Once we see what needs to change, we define a new direction of where we want to go and when we want to get there – this gives us focus and a point where we can clearly travel to and guidelines as to when to reach it.  It gives us structure.
  • Accountability:  Once we create our new destination, it helps if we have a buddy we can check in with to hold ourselves to our word.  It is incredible the amount of excuses we can come up with and really believe to give ourselves an out.  So find a buddy – even if it’s just your journal and honor your promises so you can reach your intention and feel good about you.

Then you find the groove, and it’s a wonderful place to be.

If you feel like you would like an upgrade or a healthy dose of motivation in your diet, in the landscape of your mind, or in your daily habits and actions – join me for Nourish You – a FREE breakthrough guide to get clear on healthy options to implement right away.  A wonderful way to celebrate August and get yourself ready for the transition into the fall.

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Would love to hear what motivates you in the comments below.

A Gift For You

25 Jul

August is my favorite month. It is the month I was born, my husband was born, the month of our wedding anniversary, and the last month before school begins again – many things to celebrate. In honor of this month I am celebrating by offering my tele-course,  Nourish You, for free. My gift to you.


I designed this course as a tool to take a look at our lives from a 360 degree view. It is filled with meaningful information on how to make empowered and healthy choices with your food, thoughts, and actions – ultimately leading to an energized and informed way of living.

The Details:

There will be a live conference call from 8:00 pm-9:00 pm EST on

Tuesday, August 6th

Tuesday, August 13th

Tuesday, August 20th &

Tuesday, August 27th.

If you can’t make the call live, you will be given the recording, so you can listen at your convenience.

What you need to do:

Email and I will send you follow up information on how to access the calls and recordings. I am really excited to be offering this course again, it is rich in content and there is something for everyone.

Sweet Indulgences

22 Jul

I am not one to deprive myself.. and I certainly haven’t been doing any of that this summer.  While out of my normal routine, I slid into a season of constant indulgences for better or worse.  I think mostly for better.  With family, vacation, barbecues, travel, and social gatherings – there is a constant cause to celebrate and gather around a table of food.

So what can you do when delicious but not necessarily super nutritious food greets your eye?  Take a little, have some bites, and crowd the rest of your plate with greens.  Cover most of your plate with a fresh salad, or veggies – and then have smaller portions of the main course (unless it’s lobster of course).  Not sure if there will be salad?  Make it and bring it along, that way you know you have a bowl of nutritional goodness for you to get what your body needs.  It will be welcomed.

Then there is dessert.  Gets me every time.  When making dessert for a big group picnic I opted to be pure, instead of serving a vegan version of chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas, I went straight for supremely decadent brownies.  Not the kind that comes from a box.  Because if I am going to indulge – it is going to be with the best ingredients I can find.  So I found this lovely recipe from Sprouted Kitchen – I subbed in 1/2 of coconut sugar instead of 3/4 cane sugar and added cacao nibs and walnuts.  Nice and simple, pure ingredients, your guests will love and appreciate them and you dearly.

making the perfect s'mores

making the perfect s’mores

Choose the best ingredients when you can.  Look for what is in season, organic (if possible), and maybe even grown locally (extra points).  While camping we made some smores – but not with the usual junk – Nabisco, Hersheys, and Jet Puffed Mallows… instead we went for the high class junk: Erewhon Graham Crackers, NibMor Dark Chocolate, and Elyon Marshmallows.  Not necesarily more nutritious, but without any high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, etc. – instead with a smaller and simpler ingredient list, which is also always welcome.

So enjoy the season.  Drink a green juice, lots of water, and have a brownie while you are at it.

On Play

9 Jul

When you were a kid play was a part of your everyday experience.  A constant occurrence.  Without thinking or planning for it – it just happened happened.  Play tapped us into our essence, our understanding and exploration of the world, and through play we accessed joy and freedom.  There are many versions of play: racing, building, pretending, creating, connecting, etc – all a source of fun.

Now as an adult juggling work, groceries, relationships, and a day planner – you have to wonder who has time for play? That is what children do and I am a grown up.  But I’m here to remind you how incredibly important and necessary play is for everyone, no matter what the age.  It has the power to bring you back to the moment, into the present, connecting to yourself, all the while creating joy.

How you play as an adult may or may not resemble your favorite childhood activities that you used to get lost in, they may take on a new form – but the benefits will be the same.  Feeling tapped in, tuned in, alive, and free.  When we are able to access those feelings we are less likely to overeat or turn to food to fill any gaps we may be experiencing.

So get out your crayons, go kick a soccer ball, fly a kite, or whatever you need to do to unwind from the business of being an adult.  What is it that you loved to do as a kid?  Can you bring it back?


Want more?  Join me tonight for a free tele-class as we learn how a firm base rooted in play influences the quality and quantity of the food you tend to eat.

Become aware of how the external components of your day guide the choices you make at meals.  Understand and organize these aspects so you can eat with clarity and freedom.

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You & Food

1 Jul

What you eat is deeply tied into many factors, whether we realize it or not.

For instance for a while I was in the habit of chowing down on whatever I could find after work as an ‘afternoon snack’: cheese + crackers + hummus, cookies, chocolate, trail mix, wine, etc… you name it I ate it under the context and belief of it didn’t count.  I worked so hard during the day so this was my freebie.  But was it really?

I got a new job, became way happier in my work environment and didn’t feel the need or desire to unwind and disconnect through food.

Some evenings when I’m alone or feeling lonely I will devour anything sweet and creamy.  When I am filled with the relationships in my life – one square of dark chocolate will do.

See where I am going?

We all have our patterns and habits with food, and the first thing we can do is become aware of what they are, and if they are actually any good for us.  Join me for a free call, Tuesday, July 9th where we will uncover how our relationships may influence the amount of chocolate we consume, or how our satisfaction at our jobs influence the amount of salads we eat.

Nourish You

A very intricate and layered relationship that informs the choices we make.  Clarify any hang ups and leave the call feeling empowered with steps you can follow to lead you to a healthy and vibrant you.  Email to reserve your spot and receive more information.

Find out how things that you can’t put on your plate influence the quality and quantity of the food you put on your plate.