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Recognizing Patterns

2 Dec

I’d rather give than receive, and forget about asking – it makes me super uncomfortable.  I’d rather just do it all myself, regardless if it is practical or not.  So I do it all until I can’t anymore and end up remedying the situation with a chocolate bar & cookies.

Since being pregnant – I’m offered seats on the subway and my immediate response has been: thank you, but that’s OK – i’m fine standing.  I wasn’t really fine, but I just didn’t want anyone to give up something they had in order for me to have it.  Eventually I started to graciously accept these offers thinking – if they really didn’t want to give their seat to me, they wouldn’t have offered.

It’s all a choice.  To give, to receive, and to ask.  Even if one is easier than the other.


Asking – now this is a huge hang up.  I believe I should be able to do it all by myself, like superwoman, so when I can’t, or I fall short – I let that determine my self-worth.  In my mind – asking for help = weakness, so I muster up every bit I have to trudge through the task ahead.  That is until I can’t anymore and eat an entire bag of potato chips.

See a trend here?

slow down

With the holiday season upon us, there is a whole lot of parties, shopping, cooking, socializing, and decorating going on.  A lot of us givers end up over giving and meltdowns can be plentiful – all of a sudden we are on empty but still have 50 miles to go.

Instead of constantly giving.  What would happen if we received? If we asked for support?  If we politely said no?  If we did less?  If we under-committed instead of overcommitted?  Imagine the space & ease that would provide.

These are questions I’m asking myself, and trusting they will guide me into a magical, miracle filled last month of the year.   May they do the same for you.




Plugging in to Unplug

18 Nov

I had the distinct pleasure of spending these past two Saturdays celebrating with a whole crew of family of friends.  The days were full of talking, laughing, eating, pondering, drinking, introducing old friends to new friends and connecting.

When the day was over I picked up my phone and opened back into the world of Instagram & Facebook. I usually use these apps as a primary form of connecting with others but after connecting with real people, this felt secondary and I didn’t seem to care the way I usually do.

Yet on a day to day basis that is the thing I do constantly, checking in with people’s updates – often with the intention of wanting to feel connected, but more often than not – feeling disconnected, not good enough, interesting enough, clever enough, successful enough, etc – and feeling like I never will be.  I compare, and I let my value be determined by the amounts of likes or comments I get.  Like if you can relate! 😉

I login in an attempt to connect, but also to disengage, distract, and fill up any empty spaces.  But I’m starting to wonder what would happen if I allowed moments of nothing – waiting  & transitional times – to get notifications and messages from myself, instead of the online world.  These internal messages will ultimately guide me in my life, rather than thinking I should follow all this other input that I see.

My quality of life is very rarely drastically enhanced after scrolling through the feeds.  And yet, these platforms can be so useful and have transformed the way information is shared.  There is so much good, my habits recently just haven’t been so good.


I think if I set guidelines around how and when I engage – and ensuring mindfulness backs up my intake, I may have a different experience.  The thing is I always try this, until one day I wake up tired and scroll through the internet before I leave for work.  It’s all a process, let’s see.

Today I have made it until 5:00 pm without looking at my personal email, Facebook, & Instagram – and I am able to hear more from me.

Tea Time

12 Nov

and what it stands for. tea time

Rituals are so sweet.  They keep me tethered while life happens.

Edible rituals can be a delight.  As the temperature drops I often crave a hot cup tea or a beautifully crafted cappuccino, usually paired with some kind of sweet treat.

I woke up Sunday morning and wanted that comfy ritual, so I went to a cafe and ordered a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant.  With my treats in front of me – I opened my journal and I realized I didn’t even want the coffee or croissant.

I wanted what they represented instead:  leisure, relaxation, idle time, & indulgence – all so i could contemplate.

I drank the cappuccino, had a few bites of the flaky, buttery pastry, wrote in my white moleskin, and then hit the pavement – with a wrapped up half eaten chocolate croissant in my purse – onto the next thing.  I was hungry for more time in that cafe, not necessarily for the treats they serve.

It was interesting to realize do I actually want what I am eating – or what it represents? Could I access that feeling in a different way?

Some examples: Do I want the freedom that exists in a bottle of beer or the irresponsibility that lies in between the crust & cheese of the pizza pie?  Or can I find that elsewhere?  Do I need the comfort of rich & creamy vanilla ice-cream – or would a call home, a snuggle, or hug do the trick?

Not to say cappuccinos & croissants, pizza, beer, and ice-cream are no longer in my future.  For that would be a bleak future indeed.  Instead I will tune into what it is I really want.  And in the meantime  create space for tea parties with friends, foamy cappuccinos in solitude, delectable pastries, with circular conversations, journals open, and hearts wide receiving the warmth.

Be Smart

4 Nov

We all have a pretty good sense about what we should and shouldn’t eat for our health and wellness.  Eat more vegetables, eat less potato chips.  Drink water, forget the soda.   Cook real food, forget the packaged stuff.  So then why is it so hard?

Maybe we need more information, or to look more closely at our habits and what they are telling us, or maybe there is something bigger in our life that is calling for our attention and disguising as overeating, undereating, etc.  There can be a lot of reasons, and as a health coach I work with my clients to get to the root of what’s working and what’s not working.

A few months ago I was featured on bSmart and had my very first video interview.  Skip ahead to 3:22 to hear about primary foods and how they can impact the choices you are making with your food.

You’ll see my eyes are blue, I permanently tilt my head (because that’s just the way I was made), and I had a pimple – blast!  But I hope you gain some insight as to what it means to be well fed.

On Play

9 Jul

When you were a kid play was a part of your everyday experience.  A constant occurrence.  Without thinking or planning for it – it just happened happened.  Play tapped us into our essence, our understanding and exploration of the world, and through play we accessed joy and freedom.  There are many versions of play: racing, building, pretending, creating, connecting, etc – all a source of fun.

Now as an adult juggling work, groceries, relationships, and a day planner – you have to wonder who has time for play? That is what children do and I am a grown up.  But I’m here to remind you how incredibly important and necessary play is for everyone, no matter what the age.  It has the power to bring you back to the moment, into the present, connecting to yourself, all the while creating joy.

How you play as an adult may or may not resemble your favorite childhood activities that you used to get lost in, they may take on a new form – but the benefits will be the same.  Feeling tapped in, tuned in, alive, and free.  When we are able to access those feelings we are less likely to overeat or turn to food to fill any gaps we may be experiencing.

So get out your crayons, go kick a soccer ball, fly a kite, or whatever you need to do to unwind from the business of being an adult.  What is it that you loved to do as a kid?  Can you bring it back?


Want more?  Join me tonight for a free tele-class as we learn how a firm base rooted in play influences the quality and quantity of the food you tend to eat.

Become aware of how the external components of your day guide the choices you make at meals.  Understand and organize these aspects so you can eat with clarity and freedom.

Tuesday, July 9th at 8:00pm 

Dial in Number: 530-881-1300

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Talk to you then.

A Dirty Little Word: REST

10 Jun

If you are anything at me you scoff at that 4 letter word – who has time to REST when you have things to create and accomplish?   When you have a continuous to do list that doesn’t end and countless errands to run.  A successful day for me looks action packed until bed time – and then I rest for my 8 hours.  But I am learning that doesn’t always cut it for this precious body of mine.

Some days my body needs a little more rest  in order to operate effectively – and that doesn’t mean just the time I have allotted for sleep.

Life is a cycle.  We ebb and flow with the moon, with the seasons, with the universe so nothing is a constant equation that should work perfectly for us every day.  It all fluctuates.  When you can embrace that mentality, and listen and ask your body what it is it wants – life seems to move fluidly rather than forced resulting with jagged edges.

So then the question becomes what do you do to rest?  Do you read a book, take a nap, watch gossip girl (guilty!), play music, lie down in the park, take a walk in nature, turn off your phone for the day, leave your email for Monday instead of tending to it on Sunday, meet with friends, etc?

watching gossip girl

watching gossip girl

It’s nice to have some go to options to unwind and slow down – so you know what to do when you need to take a break.  Then you will find you will come back to your work energized and clear – able to slice through anything.

Go ahead get your rest on  – and bask in it’s potent effects.

Lemon Water Power

27 May

One of the best things you can do for yourself when you first wake up is drink your H2O.  Since you haven’t had any water for over 8 hours your body will be thanking you when you fill it up with the good stuff.  So go ahead and pour yourself a nice tall glass and drink up.

Another fantastic thing you can do  is squeeze some lemon into your cup and sip on some lemon water.

Lemons & Lilacs

Lemons & Lilacs

Lemon is super alkalizing, meaning it brings the internal state, or ph level of your body towards alkaline if it is lurking in the acidic end.  Your PH level is largely a result of your diet, and if you have been indulging on a cappuccino & sugary treat, followed by some meat and cheese – it may be more acidic than you would like.  An acidic environment is void of oxygen, and disease, sickness, and colds thrives where there is little oxygen.  So eat your plants, and get your lemon water on.

Lemon water also gets everything moving inside and wakes up your digestive fire.  And that my friends is a very wonderful thing.

So go get some lemons, leave a cup of water by your bedside, whatever you need to do – to make sure you are hydrated right away.  And you may notice yourself craving less throughout the day.