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Plugging in to Unplug

18 Nov

I had the distinct pleasure of spending these past two Saturdays celebrating with a whole crew of family of friends.  The days were full of talking, laughing, eating, pondering, drinking, introducing old friends to new friends and connecting.

When the day was over I picked up my phone and opened back into the world of Instagram & Facebook. I usually use these apps as a primary form of connecting with others but after connecting with real people, this felt secondary and I didn’t seem to care the way I usually do.

Yet on a day to day basis that is the thing I do constantly, checking in with people’s updates – often with the intention of wanting to feel connected, but more often than not – feeling disconnected, not good enough, interesting enough, clever enough, successful enough, etc – and feeling like I never will be.  I compare, and I let my value be determined by the amounts of likes or comments I get.  Like if you can relate! 😉

I login in an attempt to connect, but also to disengage, distract, and fill up any empty spaces.  But I’m starting to wonder what would happen if I allowed moments of nothing – waiting  & transitional times – to get notifications and messages from myself, instead of the online world.  These internal messages will ultimately guide me in my life, rather than thinking I should follow all this other input that I see.

My quality of life is very rarely drastically enhanced after scrolling through the feeds.  And yet, these platforms can be so useful and have transformed the way information is shared.  There is so much good, my habits recently just haven’t been so good.


I think if I set guidelines around how and when I engage – and ensuring mindfulness backs up my intake, I may have a different experience.  The thing is I always try this, until one day I wake up tired and scroll through the internet before I leave for work.  It’s all a process, let’s see.

Today I have made it until 5:00 pm without looking at my personal email, Facebook, & Instagram – and I am able to hear more from me.

Tea Time

12 Nov

and what it stands for. tea time

Rituals are so sweet.  They keep me tethered while life happens.

Edible rituals can be a delight.  As the temperature drops I often crave a hot cup tea or a beautifully crafted cappuccino, usually paired with some kind of sweet treat.

I woke up Sunday morning and wanted that comfy ritual, so I went to a cafe and ordered a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant.  With my treats in front of me – I opened my journal and I realized I didn’t even want the coffee or croissant.

I wanted what they represented instead:  leisure, relaxation, idle time, & indulgence – all so i could contemplate.

I drank the cappuccino, had a few bites of the flaky, buttery pastry, wrote in my white moleskin, and then hit the pavement – with a wrapped up half eaten chocolate croissant in my purse – onto the next thing.  I was hungry for more time in that cafe, not necessarily for the treats they serve.

It was interesting to realize do I actually want what I am eating – or what it represents? Could I access that feeling in a different way?

Some examples: Do I want the freedom that exists in a bottle of beer or the irresponsibility that lies in between the crust & cheese of the pizza pie?  Or can I find that elsewhere?  Do I need the comfort of rich & creamy vanilla ice-cream – or would a call home, a snuggle, or hug do the trick?

Not to say cappuccinos & croissants, pizza, beer, and ice-cream are no longer in my future.  For that would be a bleak future indeed.  Instead I will tune into what it is I really want.  And in the meantime  create space for tea parties with friends, foamy cappuccinos in solitude, delectable pastries, with circular conversations, journals open, and hearts wide receiving the warmth.

Motivation Broken Down

29 Jul

Motivation.  Something that can pull you effortlessly along, or something you can tirelessly chase and yet never seem to catch.  I have been dancing in and out of the sensation of motivation, and have started what is motivation anyway?

….clarity, focus, momentum, intention, direction….

Maybe it’s replacing the word motivation with inspiration.

When I am in a destructive habit or pattern I know is unhealthy and yet can’t seem to do anything about it, I feel helpless and continue on with that behavior.  Other times my perspective changes, almost like somebody flipped the switch and I am much more clear with what I can be doing to get me to where I want to go.  I make changes, I don’t look back, I honor my word to myself.

So what makes the switch turn on?

A lot of times our minds know we should or shouldn’t be doing certain things, but it takes a while for us to take action.  We either wait until things get so bad that there is no other option (ie: you have a heart attack – result – time to change your diet), or you take control and get proactive and act accordingly.

Here are some factors that I think can jump start the flick of the switch.

  • Visibility:  Often times we have an idea of what we are doing, but not the full picture.  It feels better if we don’t actually witness how many cookies we just ate (guilty!) or how much time we have been mindlessly surfing the web.  If we write what we are doing down, take pictures of the sugary food we are eating, or log our negative draining thoughts for a day – we can see much more clearly and that can seriously jumpstart our way towards change.
  • A Time Sensitive Intention:  Once we see what needs to change, we define a new direction of where we want to go and when we want to get there – this gives us focus and a point where we can clearly travel to and guidelines as to when to reach it.  It gives us structure.
  • Accountability:  Once we create our new destination, it helps if we have a buddy we can check in with to hold ourselves to our word.  It is incredible the amount of excuses we can come up with and really believe to give ourselves an out.  So find a buddy – even if it’s just your journal and honor your promises so you can reach your intention and feel good about you.

Then you find the groove, and it’s a wonderful place to be.

If you feel like you would like an upgrade or a healthy dose of motivation in your diet, in the landscape of your mind, or in your daily habits and actions – join me for Nourish You – a FREE breakthrough guide to get clear on healthy options to implement right away.  A wonderful way to celebrate August and get yourself ready for the transition into the fall.

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Would love to hear what motivates you in the comments below.

Deep Sea of Thoughts

25 Feb

“Thoughts aren’t personal. They just appear, like raindrops – would you argue with a raindrop? Bryon Katie

The depths of February really had a hold on me! I have been feeling stuck, stagnate, and low these past few weeks. Being really hard on myself, moving from a place of total lack, feeling completely overwhelmed & helpless. Unable to shift. As days turned into weeks I became more and more frustrated with myself about my state of being. Which just added to the whole heavy feeling.

Then I came across a thought I wrote in my journal that Gabrielle Bernstein shared:

Forgive your thoughts

Epic – I was reminded that I can forgive the thoughts I experience, and let them go without judging them, and wishing / wanting to make them different from what they are. Once I started practicing this, it freed me up.


Now when the unpleasantness creeps in – I am practicing acceptance, awareness, and then breathing into what comes next. Obviously it works sometimes better than others, but just that presence to my reaction is really powerful. Plus, it I can feel spring around the corner – and that light at the end of the tunnel is just what my being needs.


10 Feb

What are your guidelines for a happy & full life?

This is something I asked myself after a pretty unbalanced week.  As I am starting to grow my health & wellness business, A Well Fed Body, I found myself impatiently pouring energy into my ventures.   Things fell by the wayside.  Self-care was last on the list.  I didn’t cook a home cooked meal until Friday night.  (!)

Feeling out of whack is frustrating & uncomfortable, because I know what I could be feeling and experiencing instead.  But it also a blessing, as it gave me a jolt to stop and identify what I need to feel fulfilled.

So I journaled.

photo-4I realized in order to feel grounded, I’d like to experience these things throughout the week:

  • Cook! Eat home mostly, dine out occasionally
  • Make juice
  • Use one afternoon to stay at work and plan
  • Plan for my lessons & classes at least 1 day in advance
  • Move my body at least 3 times a week
  • Take at least 1 yoga / dance class
  • Screens off at 10:00 pm
  • Read for 15 minutes a day
  • Have one Facebook free day per week
  • Be creative – Create

Now these are guidelines – meaning they are something I will work towards.  They are pretty ideal & yet somewhat realistic.  But just like any other guidelines – they are not do or die.  I will be kind to myself if I don’t get to check them all off at the end of the week.  At least I have something to steer me, and check back with as I move through this week.

Wondering what keeps you grounded and comfortable in your days?



Schedule Some Lovin’

14 Jan

In your week ahead carve out some slivers or even slabs of time to dote and take care of yourself.  Often, we give, give, give to everyone around us and we forget about ourselves, what we need in order to stay in balance.  We then loose steam, get sick, and have no other choice but to slow down and nurture ourselves.

photoSo be proactive.  Go inward.  Schedule a massage, take a hot bath, drink a cup of tea in silence, cuddle up on the couch with a book that has been on your list, make yourself a delicious and nutritious breakfast, write in your journal, try out acupuncture, go on a walk, a run, dress up one day, take a movement class, have a dance party in your kitchen, you get to choose.  Choose something that makes you feel glorious & rejuvenated so that energy can seep into your days and your life.

Have a beautiful week ahead.

Desire Mapping

7 Jan

I have started off the new year in a beautiful way: mindfully tuning into the root of what it is I want.  It seems like something that should be so easy, but I am discovering there are layers to peel before I can get to the root of it all.  Luckily I have The Desire Map, written by Danielle LaPorte, to sink into and discover what it is I really WANT to feel during this new year, not what I think I should do, or would be good for my image- but what I really want to experience, what my soul craves.


The best part of it all, is I am getting to dive with one of my beloved friends who is visiting from Mexico.  It is so special doing this work with a friend to reflect with while drinking tea or spiced cider, and I can’t wait for future collaborative mapping sessions.


I am taking my time as I move through this book, as LaPorte gives you freedom to do – soaking it in.  I love how she writes, I am eating it up, and I love uncovering the feelings that I will allow to guide me in the choices and actions I make this new year.

On growing happiness rather than smushing it:

‘Happiness is carbonated consciousness.  It wants to spill out and radiate and be articulated.’ – Danielle LaPorte