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Be Smart

4 Nov

We all have a pretty good sense about what we should and shouldn’t eat for our health and wellness.  Eat more vegetables, eat less potato chips.  Drink water, forget the soda.   Cook real food, forget the packaged stuff.  So then why is it so hard?

Maybe we need more information, or to look more closely at our habits and what they are telling us, or maybe there is something bigger in our life that is calling for our attention and disguising as overeating, undereating, etc.  There can be a lot of reasons, and as a health coach I work with my clients to get to the root of what’s working and what’s not working.

A few months ago I was featured on bSmart and had my very first video interview.  Skip ahead to 3:22 to hear about primary foods and how they can impact the choices you are making with your food.

You’ll see my eyes are blue, I permanently tilt my head (because that’s just the way I was made), and I had a pimple – blast!  But I hope you gain some insight as to what it means to be well fed.

Dear Luscious Leah,

14 Mar

Riding this Self-Love Train all the way to

Thought #3 – connecting to your inner wise self.  To that internal knowing & that full acceptance.  I took some advice from SARK or Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, and wrote a letter to myself from my inner wise self.  That part that loves it all and truly understands everything is just right.  The part that loves the version of your life that exists NOW instead of the one that you are anxiously awaiting or planning for.

Pen to paper this is what came out:

Dear Luscious Leah,

I simply adore you for all that you are and all that you want to be (and yet actually already are). I love the ways you are finding to nourish yourself and your commitment to health & wellness.  I love your round, soft, sometimes ‘too fat’ belly – it is just perfect and stands for all the things you are.  I love how you constantly reflect on your life and find ways to improve and grow.  Just remember all the amazing things you are already up to.  I know you like to discredit.  So you can stop that.  Live up today as you do every day: Free, lit up, connected, and radiant.  Your beauty shines through every surface of your being and everyone feels that.  Thank you for being exactly who you are on this very special day.


Your inner wise self


Try it out, see what comes out.. it is really grounding & almost healing.  Now, do I love my round, soft, and sometimes ‘too fat’ belly every day?  Certainly not! But I am working on it – day by day.

Scrape. Pull. Brush. Rub

12 Mar

This week, I am sharing the things I do to practice loving myself so I can be the purest expression of me: here is where it started.

Thought #1: Self-Care

Self-care is one of the many subtle ways we can show ourselves we care, we matter, and we totally rock.  Self-care can look like many different things, like the typical brushing your teeth, flossing, & showering, which are common practices.  I have been using my morning routine as a base to sprinkle little rituals that leave me feeling sparkling, clean, and nourished.  Here are four Ayurveda practices that you can try on and see how it fits:

photo-11Scrape:  Scrape your tongue.  Your what? Your tongue!  You can do it with a metal spoon, or get yourself a tongue scraper – scrape from the back of your tongue to the front (about 5-7 times) to remove all the gunk that surfaces throughout the night.  That film is your body detoxing, and if you don’t scrape it off you end up ingesting it back into your body as you drink water/coffee.  ick.

Pull:  I hop in the shower with some coconut oil in my mouth and swish it all around.  Swishing this oil arounds pulls all the toxins and mucus out of your system and into the oil – so when you spit it out all the stuff you don’t want or need in your body leaves with the oil.  Make sure to spit it out in the trash – it will clog up the sink otherwise.

Brush:  Dry brushing.  Before I get in to the shower I brush my body moving in circular motions from limbs towards my heart.  This increases circulation, gets rid of dead skin, stimulates lymphatic system (which gets rid of toxins) and leaves the skin glowing.

Rub: Lather up my body (well mostly just my legs) with almond oil or even coconut oil.  This hydrates the skin in a beautiful, clean, and toxic free way.

Now, there are some days where this all just doesn’t happen.  But I aim to make it a routine so it occurs more often than not.  Try one, two, three, or all four on for size! Let me know how it goes, or what other practices you do to get yourself ready for the day.

A Reminder

5 Mar


May you experience whatever you would like in your days ahead.

I am planning to create: clarity, connection, and freedom – while feeling supported, nourished, & creative.

Deep Sea of Thoughts

25 Feb

“Thoughts aren’t personal. They just appear, like raindrops – would you argue with a raindrop? Bryon Katie

The depths of February really had a hold on me! I have been feeling stuck, stagnate, and low these past few weeks. Being really hard on myself, moving from a place of total lack, feeling completely overwhelmed & helpless. Unable to shift. As days turned into weeks I became more and more frustrated with myself about my state of being. Which just added to the whole heavy feeling.

Then I came across a thought I wrote in my journal that Gabrielle Bernstein shared:

Forgive your thoughts

Epic – I was reminded that I can forgive the thoughts I experience, and let them go without judging them, and wishing / wanting to make them different from what they are. Once I started practicing this, it freed me up.


Now when the unpleasantness creeps in – I am practicing acceptance, awareness, and then breathing into what comes next. Obviously it works sometimes better than others, but just that presence to my reaction is really powerful. Plus, it I can feel spring around the corner – and that light at the end of the tunnel is just what my being needs.

Insight from Oma

5 Feb

There are many women who inspire me to be vibrantly healthy & radiantly happy.  I follow them on Facebook, read their blogs, watch their youtube videos, and eat up their newsletters.  These women keep me grounded & motivated while challenging me to take on the next right thing for my optimal health.  But there is one woman who doesn’t have a blog or a website, but has inspired me for 20 + years  – my grandma.


At 85 years old, she radiates.  After raising 7 kids and being married for 60 years, she still has long hair with only a few grays and a handful of wrinkles.   She is vibrant.  She is active.  She sprinkles her days with laughter.

My grandma grew up in Germany eating kasha, porridge, & cod liver oil.  When Oma had kids she served them porridge, pea soup, and brewers yeast.  She always read and continues to learn about health.  She read books by Adelle Davis, a health food guru, in the 1950s, she has Dr. Weil’s food pyramid posted on her wall, and has a subscription to Prevention Magazine.  She stays constantly informed. 

She eats fruits, veggies, beans & nuts, she doesn’t eat of meat, and never fries anything at home.  She does little things, like choosing brown rice over white, whole wheat bread over white, and has a collection of vitamins and supplements.  She believes that the food is too refined now, so she compliments her diet with turmeric, grape-seed oil, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, & probiotics just to name a few.

What does she value?  Eating whole foods instead of refined ones.  speech

Her beauty and her energy inspires me.  Her wise yet simple insight guides me.  I am so grateful to have both her and my grandpa in my life in a very big way – as healthy & happy as they are.

6 Lessons I Learned From The Mountain

21 Jan

How you do anything is how you do everything.

After a weekend on the slopes I realized many of the things I was learning as a snowboarder could be transferred to life.  These little points I will keep close to me whether I am in my snow pants or in my jeans.

1. Lean into it – when approaching something scary like ice, a steep hill, or a challenge at work- embrace it rather than resisting. You’ll have a much better time and get better results.

2. Commit – fully, to whatever is present in the moment.

3. Breath – makes everything complete.

4. Take breaks – know when enough is enough and when a rest is in order.  Honor your efforts with what you need to recover.  Celebrate the quiet, so you can be ready for what is to come next.

5. Pep talks are welcome and encouraged – flood your thoughts with: I am a confident beast, an outrageous &  courageous being – ready to commit to & trust in anything that comes my way.

6. When you fall get back up – Get up! As easy as it is to stay down and call it quits.  Cry if you need to, but you get to have the last say.  Then, let it go so you are able to fully be in the present rather than lingering in the past.