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A Gift For You

25 Jul

August is my favorite month. It is the month I was born, my husband was born, the month of our wedding anniversary, and the last month before school begins again – many things to celebrate. In honor of this month I am celebrating by offering my tele-course,  Nourish You, for free. My gift to you.


I designed this course as a tool to take a look at our lives from a 360 degree view. It is filled with meaningful information on how to make empowered and healthy choices with your food, thoughts, and actions – ultimately leading to an energized and informed way of living.

The Details:

There will be a live conference call from 8:00 pm-9:00 pm EST on

Tuesday, August 6th

Tuesday, August 13th

Tuesday, August 20th &

Tuesday, August 27th.

If you can’t make the call live, you will be given the recording, so you can listen at your convenience.

What you need to do:

Email and I will send you follow up information on how to access the calls and recordings. I am really excited to be offering this course again, it is rich in content and there is something for everyone.

Right Place at Right Time

17 Jun

I am sometimes in the exact right spot at the exact right moment. Like when I was jogging across the Brooklyn bridge and bumped into an old friend, or when I sat in the right car and seat on the subway for another old friend to come and sit right next to me. There have been many moments of synchronicity in my life, which I love and live for. Right place, right time. That has influenced the jobs I have gotten, the friends I have made, the food I have eaten, and the apartments I have lived in.

Last week I had a moment like that, except it felt like wrong place at wrong time. I headed out of school leisurely walking to meet a friend in union square. I could have walked in any direction but I ended up on the corner of 23rd and 9th at the exact moment a biker got hit by a bus and was left in the middle of the intersection bloody and groaning. I couldn’t believe it. People gathered around. Traffic was stopped. Emergency workers came. I moved his very broken bike to the corner. He was put on a stretcher and all I could mumble was ‘it’s going to be OK’ as he continued to groan and moan.

I walked away from that intersection in tears. How did that just happen? One minute he is pedaling along the next minute everything changes. I hope and I pray that he is recovering as I write this and will continue with his life perhaps with an added sense of gratitude. But it stirred up a lot in me. My relationship to death and the fact that it can happen at any moment. I think I’m invincible – I will live forever. But it’s not true, nor should it be.

It was a reminder for me, I had to ask myself:how are you using this precious time you have on earth? Are you being yourself fully and unapologetically, or are you hiding, waiting, playing it safe. I realized as I’m definitely moving out of my comfort zone, there are still many more places and spaces I can show up completely me.

So maybe I was just at the right place at the right moment to get the wake up call that I needed. One thing is for certain, I will never forget those images that unfolded at that intersection, and am reminded at how incredible firemen, policemen, and emergency workers are. Who come immediately, act so quickly to provide an incredible service. Invaluable people.

Girl Friends

4 Jun

This weekend I was reminded how incredibly soul filling, grounding, and healing spending time with girlfriends can be.  I had the honor of gathering 10 phenomenal ladies to drink, dine, craft dream catchers, and eat fondue while celebrating my dear friend Ashley for her bachelorette party.

fine looking ladies

fine looking ladies




Everyone is always so busy, wrapped up in their lives, running here and there (me included!), but making this a regular event of gathering girls to chat and connect is so necessary.  That is what we are meant to do, to support, listen, play, problem solve, and create, with each other.

catch dreams

catch dreams

So grab your girls, go get a cosmo, take a walk in the park and delight in the many joys of friendship.

Primary Foods

25 Apr

You know your primary colors, but are you familiar with your primary foods?  They are all the things that feed your soul: your relationships, career, physical exercise, spirituality, creativity, finances, joy, health, etc. the parts of your life that when in check make you feel satisfied and alive.  Full and complete.

When your primary foods are out of balance people often turn to their secondary food – or the food you actually eat. Your diet can often be a reflection of your primary foods.  You may become dependent on certain foods.  You may crave chocolate, ice-cream, potato chips, (insert your comfort food here) which you are actually using to fill a space.  You’re smart.  Food does give you those moments of joy and satisfaction – but they are fleeting – you never feel satisfied.  As much as we focus on our secondary foods, often times it can be more effective to peel back the layers and take a look at what is going on with our primary foods.

lunge into it

lunge into it

When was the last time you moved your body?  How is your relationship with your mom?  How do you feel in your job?  When you begin to take a look at the core of it all, well the secondary foods have an ability to fall into place.  What is your ideal? What do you want to feel?

I love this relationship.  And when I peel back the layers and look at my primary food I realize I am hungry to create, to make art, to dance, to engage in all the things I loved doing as a kid – that create joy for me.  This awareness helps me to make effective and powerful choices…  so I don’t end up at the end of the bag of cookies after one sitting (I can’t tell you how many times I have engaged in that activity!)

open your heartInterested to dive in a little deeper – to see uncover what you want and get clear so the universe can conspire for you?

I am honored to be hosting a yoga and primary food workshop with health coach, Alaina Muckell, here in NYC.  Next Friday, May 3rd we are going to dive into this juicy stuff getting clear on what it is we desire, what it is we want – so we can then move towards that feeling with ease.

There will be a live acoustic guitarist (!!), a sweet yoga flow, and some rich conversation getting to: what is it that we want to experience – a roadmap to our desires.  Get ready to feel full of the good stuff life has to offer – you may discover chocolate doesn’t have as tight of a hold on you anymore.  Imagine that?!

Give yourself permission


The Sweet Life

24 Mar

My life rocks.

Did I really just say that? Kind of obnoxious right? It feels weird to say, and kind of wrong.
But I bet your life kicks butt too.

I don’t often say that my life rocks, nor do I think it. Instead I focus on what’s missing, what’s in the way between me and my ideal life….totally discounting the one I currently have.

But if I actually stop and take it all in – I am beyond blessed. Something that is all too often easy to forget.

I am building a beautiful home with the man of my dreams, have supportive and rock solid family & friends, a satisfying job, spent last week snowboarding & this week in Mexico City with my dear friend and… well you get the picture.


So go ahead and make your list. Jot down the things that shimmer and shine in your life. A deceivingly simple task with super charged benefits. Keep it somewhere safe and refer to it when you feel like you are just in the muck.

Of course there will always be areas and things that you wish to improve… And that is the sweet stuff, the stuff that keeps us interested, engaged and fully alive. So instead of discounting everything that is – when I find myself intensely desiring everything that is not. I do my best to refer to my list, and would love some company when things get murky.


Writing Reality

4 Sep

my new dance room

Starting new things can be tricky.  And starting a new job, at a new school has been challenging to navigate.  I have been constantly wondering: Where do I go for what? Who do I ask?  How will I make friends (for real)?  My mind becomes filled with the general thought of – everything is hard.  Everything!  Like making friends, getting my room set up, planning my curriculum, finding the right person to talk to, etc, etc.  Eventually I started to believe the voices in my head, and I felt super stuck.  So I took matters into my own hands, and practiced a method I have been learning thanks to my work with Handel.

I write what I want my life to look like.  I filled my mini-intention book with big declarations for my day first thing in the morning.

mini green intention book

So this is what I wrote…


I am an irresistible friend.  People are drawn to me because I am a good listener.  I make people feel valued and I am interesting.  I am a source of energy and light and people gravitate towards me.

The Result:

The moment I walked into the building Tuesday morning a woman who I have not yet met, came directly up to me and introduced herself.  I had meaningful conversations with people I had not yet seen since we returned to school, I had a place to sit at lunch, I was an irresistible friend!


I am a powerful leader.  I speak with clarity and grace, and I get what I want and what I need seamlessly.  It is easy, I attract things effortlessly.

The Result:  The materials that I was missing for my dance room were delivered straight to my room.  I found more of my missing materials in a pile on the 7th floor.  I ate lunch with my boss and went through my whole laundry list of requests that were received openly.  I was a powerhouse of clarity and grace!

I know it is silly, I sometimes can’t help but laugh at myself while I am sitting on the subway telling myself ‘You are an irresistible friend Leah!’.   haha. BUT IT WORKS!  There is something very powerful that happens when you claim something before it has become real.  Chasing out the negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.  By setting my intention for the day ahead my thoughts and actions are channeled and in alignment with my ultimate vision for who I want to be.