A Dirty Little Word: REST

10 Jun

If you are anything at me you scoff at that 4 letter word – who has time to REST when you have things to create and accomplish?   When you have a continuous to do list that doesn’t end and countless errands to run.  A successful day for me looks action packed until bed time – and then I rest for my 8 hours.  But I am learning that doesn’t always cut it for this precious body of mine.

Some days my body needs a little more rest  in order to operate effectively – and that doesn’t mean just the time I have allotted for sleep.

Life is a cycle.  We ebb and flow with the moon, with the seasons, with the universe so nothing is a constant equation that should work perfectly for us every day.  It all fluctuates.  When you can embrace that mentality, and listen and ask your body what it is it wants – life seems to move fluidly rather than forced resulting with jagged edges.

So then the question becomes what do you do to rest?  Do you read a book, take a nap, watch gossip girl (guilty!), play music, lie down in the park, take a walk in nature, turn off your phone for the day, leave your email for Monday instead of tending to it on Sunday, meet with friends, etc?

watching gossip girl

watching gossip girl

It’s nice to have some go to options to unwind and slow down – so you know what to do when you need to take a break.  Then you will find you will come back to your work energized and clear – able to slice through anything.

Go ahead get your rest on  – and bask in it’s potent effects.

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