Lemon Water Power

27 May

One of the best things you can do for yourself when you first wake up is drink your H2O.  Since you haven’t had any water for over 8 hours your body will be thanking you when you fill it up with the good stuff.  So go ahead and pour yourself a nice tall glass and drink up.

Another fantastic thing you can do  is squeeze some lemon into your cup and sip on some lemon water.

Lemons & Lilacs

Lemons & Lilacs

Lemon is super alkalizing, meaning it brings the internal state, or ph level of your body towards alkaline if it is lurking in the acidic end.  Your PH level is largely a result of your diet, and if you have been indulging on a cappuccino & sugary treat, followed by some meat and cheese – it may be more acidic than you would like.  An acidic environment is void of oxygen, and disease, sickness, and colds thrives where there is little oxygen.  So eat your plants, and get your lemon water on.

Lemon water also gets everything moving inside and wakes up your digestive fire.  And that my friends is a very wonderful thing.

So go get some lemons, leave a cup of water by your bedside, whatever you need to do – to make sure you are hydrated right away.  And you may notice yourself craving less throughout the day.

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