Creature of Habit

13 May

I have some wonderful habits, and then I have some really not so great ones.  I wake up and get on my yoga mat every morning, and I almost always end the day with some sweet indulgent treat on the couch watching TV. The thing about habits are –  I don’t think much about them.  I just do them.  Whether they build me up or break me down.  What I chose to eat, think, say, love, or not love are all engrained based on my likes and dislikes.

engaging in one of my good habits

engaging in one of my good habits

Often we forget we have the power to change our habits.  We forget we can choose to leave old ones and create new ones.

Some habits I engage in have got to go, but I never really pay any attention to them.  I accept them as this is who I am, and this is what I do – I am always just 5 minutes late, I always overcommit, I always have one more bite of cake, I NEED dark chocolate every day, etc.  The only way I pay attention is when they get really bad and ridiculous.  Like falling asleep the other night with a piece of dark chocolate in my mouth!  Now that is a wake up call – a WHOA Leah – check it out.  Time to re-pattern.

Those moments of breakdown can be super embarrassing- but if you choose to listen to them and see what they are saying – they can lead you through a breakthrough.

So that late night chocolate melting in my mouth as I drifted off to sleep combined with a general feeling mehness in my body inspired a week of changing my normal eating habits.  I consider myself to eat a pretty healthy diet, but I know there are pockets of excess that I don’t actually realize I am putting into my body.  Because I’m not thinking – I’m just doing.  I’m going to find out what it is I actually need, versus what I think I need.  

It’s challenging to really look at what we do, look at the habits we engage in – and ask ourselves is this something we want to continue?  Is this helping or hurting?  And if it is hurting choosing to do something about it.  That’s the beauty of it all – you decide.  

Hope all your weeks unfold beautifully.  Letting you decide and your habits taking a back seat.

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    […] part was not snacking, staying away from chocolate, and not eating 3 hours before bed.  After falling asleep with chocolate in my mouth last week, I knew I would benefit from pressing the reset […]

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