Discredit & Devalue

29 Apr

Could be my middle name most of the time.

I realized a pattern that was hiding very sneakily, it was so engrained I barely even noticed I was functioning from this mindset in many areas of my life.  The habit of discrediting & devaluing everything I have done and am currently doing.  This showed up particularly powerfully whenever I had to share my story.  I never thought my journey was good or interesting enough.  So I always shared what I thought wanted to be heard.  This made writing bios extremely difficult!

I didn’t see my past as valuable events that  have actually lead me to where I am today – instead I saw a bunch of lacking happenings – all haphazardly bringing me now.

When I got clear that actually my college experience was extremely valuable (even if I didn’t go to a prestigious, well known school) and I have actually been teaching yoga for 5 years, even if I didn’t have my certification for the first 3 years.  I could go on, but this awareness grants me the ability to switch these limiting beliefs when they come creeping in (which they will most certainly do.)you get to create your reality

you get to create your reality

Thanks to a wonderful reminder at my yoga training this weekend I realized the lens at which I look through my life greatly informs my current reality.

If you are intrigued about shifting patterns and habits you no longer love when it comes to your food & your thoughts, which ultimately lead to your actions.  I’d like to invite you to a juicy tele course I am offering that will uncover the best ways in which we can choose to GROW so we can GLOW.

Nourish You – Tuesday, May 21st.

One Response to “Discredit & Devalue”

  1. ashleymeeder April 30, 2013 at 1:43 am #

    As your dear friend, who has helped you write many of those bios! This is music to my ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your vulnerability, your openness and heart song dearest Leah. You are valued and cherished! I am filled with gratitude for you and your journey, and that it happened to cross my path! Don´t doubt your power for a minute!


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