Primary Foods

25 Apr

You know your primary colors, but are you familiar with your primary foods?  They are all the things that feed your soul: your relationships, career, physical exercise, spirituality, creativity, finances, joy, health, etc. the parts of your life that when in check make you feel satisfied and alive.  Full and complete.

When your primary foods are out of balance people often turn to their secondary food – or the food you actually eat. Your diet can often be a reflection of your primary foods.  You may become dependent on certain foods.  You may crave chocolate, ice-cream, potato chips, (insert your comfort food here) which you are actually using to fill a space.  You’re smart.  Food does give you those moments of joy and satisfaction – but they are fleeting – you never feel satisfied.  As much as we focus on our secondary foods, often times it can be more effective to peel back the layers and take a look at what is going on with our primary foods.

lunge into it

lunge into it

When was the last time you moved your body?  How is your relationship with your mom?  How do you feel in your job?  When you begin to take a look at the core of it all, well the secondary foods have an ability to fall into place.  What is your ideal? What do you want to feel?

I love this relationship.  And when I peel back the layers and look at my primary food I realize I am hungry to create, to make art, to dance, to engage in all the things I loved doing as a kid – that create joy for me.  This awareness helps me to make effective and powerful choices…  so I don’t end up at the end of the bag of cookies after one sitting (I can’t tell you how many times I have engaged in that activity!)

open your heartInterested to dive in a little deeper – to see uncover what you want and get clear so the universe can conspire for you?

I am honored to be hosting a yoga and primary food workshop with health coach, Alaina Muckell, here in NYC.  Next Friday, May 3rd we are going to dive into this juicy stuff getting clear on what it is we desire, what it is we want – so we can then move towards that feeling with ease.

There will be a live acoustic guitarist (!!), a sweet yoga flow, and some rich conversation getting to: what is it that we want to experience – a roadmap to our desires.  Get ready to feel full of the good stuff life has to offer – you may discover chocolate doesn’t have as tight of a hold on you anymore.  Imagine that?!

Give yourself permission


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