New Juicer in the House

7 Apr

Which has lead to a lot of experimenting and lots of juice drinking.  Some combinations have been more successful than others.  I made the mistake of juicing two bundles of watercress not realizing how incredibly bitter they are and any combination of apple, cucumber, celery, and lemon would not change a thing! But also had some successful runs:

Mango BreezePapaya Dream

Bottled up and ready to go!  Bottle Up

I love the way I feel when I drink green juice regularly.  Vibrant, alert, energized, and clear.  I am flooding my system with delightful greens that I wouldn’t get as much of if I didn’t liquify.  When you juice the fiber is removed, which makes it super easy for your body to process this goodness, giving your digestive system a rest (which can always be welcome).  I guzzle a mason jar of green juice as a morning snack – but you could drink it for breakfast, enjoy as at the 4:00 mark, or any time you desire.  Do you have a favorite recipe or combination?  Love to hear about it!

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