The Sweet Life

24 Mar

My life rocks.

Did I really just say that? Kind of obnoxious right? It feels weird to say, and kind of wrong.
But I bet your life kicks butt too.

I don’t often say that my life rocks, nor do I think it. Instead I focus on what’s missing, what’s in the way between me and my ideal life….totally discounting the one I currently have.

But if I actually stop and take it all in – I am beyond blessed. Something that is all too often easy to forget.

I am building a beautiful home with the man of my dreams, have supportive and rock solid family & friends, a satisfying job, spent last week snowboarding & this week in Mexico City with my dear friend and… well you get the picture.


So go ahead and make your list. Jot down the things that shimmer and shine in your life. A deceivingly simple task with super charged benefits. Keep it somewhere safe and refer to it when you feel like you are just in the muck.

Of course there will always be areas and things that you wish to improve… And that is the sweet stuff, the stuff that keeps us interested, engaged and fully alive. So instead of discounting everything that is – when I find myself intensely desiring everything that is not. I do my best to refer to my list, and would love some company when things get murky.


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