Love What You Eat

15 Mar

Finding yet another way to envelope yourself with self-love… I bring you to –

Thought #4 – Leverage your food

Every time we eat we have the option to nourish ourselves on the cellular level.   Find the foods you love and that love you back.  Discover the foods that give you energy, rather than deplete your energy in order to digest, find the foods that leave you feeling clear and light rather than foggy and slow.  When we look at our meals as a way to show ourselves that we matter and are worth a delicious bowl of field greens.  The other stuff looks less appealing.  We can begin to realize that maybe potato chips and cookies (or insert your vice here) – may feel good temporarily – but it is fleeting, and often leaves you feeling worse.


Start with breakfast, or even a glass of water before your breakfast & find that connection of what you are eating has the potential to create the most vibrant version of yourself.

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