Scrape. Pull. Brush. Rub

12 Mar

This week, I am sharing the things I do to practice loving myself so I can be the purest expression of me: here is where it started.

Thought #1: Self-Care

Self-care is one of the many subtle ways we can show ourselves we care, we matter, and we totally rock.  Self-care can look like many different things, like the typical brushing your teeth, flossing, & showering, which are common practices.  I have been using my morning routine as a base to sprinkle little rituals that leave me feeling sparkling, clean, and nourished.  Here are four Ayurveda practices that you can try on and see how it fits:

photo-11Scrape:  Scrape your tongue.  Your what? Your tongue!  You can do it with a metal spoon, or get yourself a tongue scraper – scrape from the back of your tongue to the front (about 5-7 times) to remove all the gunk that surfaces throughout the night.  That film is your body detoxing, and if you don’t scrape it off you end up ingesting it back into your body as you drink water/coffee.  ick.

Pull:  I hop in the shower with some coconut oil in my mouth and swish it all around.  Swishing this oil arounds pulls all the toxins and mucus out of your system and into the oil – so when you spit it out all the stuff you don’t want or need in your body leaves with the oil.  Make sure to spit it out in the trash – it will clog up the sink otherwise.

Brush:  Dry brushing.  Before I get in to the shower I brush my body moving in circular motions from limbs towards my heart.  This increases circulation, gets rid of dead skin, stimulates lymphatic system (which gets rid of toxins) and leaves the skin glowing.

Rub: Lather up my body (well mostly just my legs) with almond oil or even coconut oil.  This hydrates the skin in a beautiful, clean, and toxic free way.

Now, there are some days where this all just doesn’t happen.  But I aim to make it a routine so it occurs more often than not.  Try one, two, three, or all four on for size! Let me know how it goes, or what other practices you do to get yourself ready for the day.

3 Responses to “Scrape. Pull. Brush. Rub”

  1. mary beth larue March 12, 2013 at 4:52 am #

    ooh, oil pulling is a must for me! i’ve never tried dry brushing. will definitely have to do that!

  2. Must Have Boxes March 12, 2013 at 5:26 am #

    I love this routine! Thanks for sharing.

    – KW


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