Stop and Smell the Roses

12 Mar

A continuation on where we have been… little ways to love yourself – finding softness and light in daily actions & thoughts.

Thought #2

Get Yourself Some Flowers

I usually wait for someone to buy me flowers.  I rarely treat myself to what seems like something extra or frivolous.  But then inspired by a recent ABC furniture trip with my friend, I saw these tiny little vases with one little flower which totally brightened up the surrounding space.  So I bought myself some flowers, and put them in little vases and jars all around the apartment.   Image

It is incredible how something so simple can be so refreshing.  When I first put them around, I found myself constantly surprised each time I saw the beauty in the unexpected place.  By my bedside, on the bathroom sink, on my dresser, on the kitchen table, and any other corner I could find.

Best thing, you could spend $5.00 or less on a little flower beauty.

ImageA little nugget I heard from Kim Depole: Your home is your temple, a place where you come back to to recharge and rejuvenate.  So carefully craft and design your space so it fills you up, rather than stresses you out.Image

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