What I’m Digging These Days…

11 Mar

Self LOVE! I know, I know, I know.. Really?


It is so powerful to nourish yourself, by finding ways to fill yourself up so you can then give fully and completely to others.  So useful.  I am discovering & exploring different practices that feed my body, mind, and soul and I am now coming into a deep appreciation for everything I am – belly and all.

It is such an art to love our entire being.  It is a practice.  Some days are of course better than others.  Everyone has something they wish they didn’t have: flabby arms, short temper, sticky past, wrinkles – I mean let’s be honest… this list can go on and on.  But when we spend this time and energy resenting these things about ourselves, we clench, hold, tighten, and become more of what we aren’t loving.  What we resist persists.  Embrace it all.

photo-9So…what can we do to honor all parts of ourselves?  How can we ’embrace it all?’  Doing small things.  Small acts of love.  You will soon realize how taking small steps lead can lead to a big change.

Join me this week as I share some of things I do to love my whole kit and caboodle.  They are quick and easy.  Most take less than 5 minutes and have a lasting impact.

2 Responses to “What I’m Digging These Days…”


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