Deep Sea of Thoughts

25 Feb

“Thoughts aren’t personal. They just appear, like raindrops – would you argue with a raindrop? Bryon Katie

The depths of February really had a hold on me! I have been feeling stuck, stagnate, and low these past few weeks. Being really hard on myself, moving from a place of total lack, feeling completely overwhelmed & helpless. Unable to shift. As days turned into weeks I became more and more frustrated with myself about my state of being. Which just added to the whole heavy feeling.

Then I came across a thought I wrote in my journal that Gabrielle Bernstein shared:

Forgive your thoughts

Epic – I was reminded that I can forgive the thoughts I experience, and let them go without judging them, and wishing / wanting to make them different from what they are. Once I started practicing this, it freed me up.


Now when the unpleasantness creeps in – I am practicing acceptance, awareness, and then breathing into what comes next. Obviously it works sometimes better than others, but just that presence to my reaction is really powerful. Plus, it I can feel spring around the corner – and that light at the end of the tunnel is just what my being needs.

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