10 Feb

What are your guidelines for a happy & full life?

This is something I asked myself after a pretty unbalanced week.  As I am starting to grow my health & wellness business, A Well Fed Body, I found myself impatiently pouring energy into my ventures.   Things fell by the wayside.  Self-care was last on the list.  I didn’t cook a home cooked meal until Friday night.  (!)

Feeling out of whack is frustrating & uncomfortable, because I know what I could be feeling and experiencing instead.  But it also a blessing, as it gave me a jolt to stop and identify what I need to feel fulfilled.

So I journaled.

photo-4I realized in order to feel grounded, I’d like to experience these things throughout the week:

  • Cook! Eat home mostly, dine out occasionally
  • Make juice
  • Use one afternoon to stay at work and plan
  • Plan for my lessons & classes at least 1 day in advance
  • Move my body at least 3 times a week
  • Take at least 1 yoga / dance class
  • Screens off at 10:00 pm
  • Read for 15 minutes a day
  • Have one Facebook free day per week
  • Be creative – Create

Now these are guidelines – meaning they are something I will work towards.  They are pretty ideal & yet somewhat realistic.  But just like any other guidelines – they are not do or die.  I will be kind to myself if I don’t get to check them all off at the end of the week.  At least I have something to steer me, and check back with as I move through this week.

Wondering what keeps you grounded and comfortable in your days?



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