Insight from Oma

5 Feb

There are many women who inspire me to be vibrantly healthy & radiantly happy.  I follow them on Facebook, read their blogs, watch their youtube videos, and eat up their newsletters.  These women keep me grounded & motivated while challenging me to take on the next right thing for my optimal health.  But there is one woman who doesn’t have a blog or a website, but has inspired me for 20 + years  – my grandma.


At 85 years old, she radiates.  After raising 7 kids and being married for 60 years, she still has long hair with only a few grays and a handful of wrinkles.   She is vibrant.  She is active.  She sprinkles her days with laughter.

My grandma grew up in Germany eating kasha, porridge, & cod liver oil.  When Oma had kids she served them porridge, pea soup, and brewers yeast.  She always read and continues to learn about health.  She read books by Adelle Davis, a health food guru, in the 1950s, she has Dr. Weil’s food pyramid posted on her wall, and has a subscription to Prevention Magazine.  She stays constantly informed. 

She eats fruits, veggies, beans & nuts, she doesn’t eat of meat, and never fries anything at home.  She does little things, like choosing brown rice over white, whole wheat bread over white, and has a collection of vitamins and supplements.  She believes that the food is too refined now, so she compliments her diet with turmeric, grape-seed oil, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, & probiotics just to name a few.

What does she value?  Eating whole foods instead of refined ones.  speech

Her beauty and her energy inspires me.  Her wise yet simple insight guides me.  I am so grateful to have both her and my grandpa in my life in a very big way – as healthy & happy as they are.

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