Desire Mapping

7 Jan

I have started off the new year in a beautiful way: mindfully tuning into the root of what it is I want.  It seems like something that should be so easy, but I am discovering there are layers to peel before I can get to the root of it all.  Luckily I have The Desire Map, written by Danielle LaPorte, to sink into and discover what it is I really WANT to feel during this new year, not what I think I should do, or would be good for my image- but what I really want to experience, what my soul craves.


The best part of it all, is I am getting to dive with one of my beloved friends who is visiting from Mexico.  It is so special doing this work with a friend to reflect with while drinking tea or spiced cider, and I can’t wait for future collaborative mapping sessions.


I am taking my time as I move through this book, as LaPorte gives you freedom to do – soaking it in.  I love how she writes, I am eating it up, and I love uncovering the feelings that I will allow to guide me in the choices and actions I make this new year.

On growing happiness rather than smushing it:

‘Happiness is carbonated consciousness.  It wants to spill out and radiate and be articulated.’ – Danielle LaPorte

One Response to “Desire Mapping”

  1. Annika January 29, 2013 at 10:38 pm #

    Yayy for desire mapping! Could you shoot me a quick email – I have a q for you:

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