10 Dec

photo-30I am doing a juice cleanse tomorrow, for just one day… taking it slow.  I love food too much.  I never thought I would drink only juice between my waking and sleeping hours.  I figured if you have a healthy diet, that should be good enough.  And I still believe that, but I am realizing there is always another level of health for me to explore.  Something shifted, so I must be ready and in the right place to have 6 juices to sustain me throughout my Monday.  I’m a little concerned about my energy level, so I will be munching on carrots & apples if the juice isn’t enough.

After being a part of a month long detox tele-class I began to understand the vast benefits of giving your digestive system a rest so your body can clear up the gunk and arrive in a balanced state.  My intention is to create space in the internal workings of my body so I can enter this holiday season of parties galore grounded and centered.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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