The Sky Above Us All

5 Nov

I am pretty sure I have felt every emotion there is to feel over the course of this past week, while processing everything that came with Hurricane Sandy.  We remained safe in our little apartment in Brooklyn.  We weren’t directly impacted by her wrath, other than not running 26.2 miles as I thought I would, we were spared destruction… but I still feel connected to the heartache.

The feelings started with relief + joy to have an unexpected day off from work, which then transformed into shock, and disbelief which opened the doors to:  sadness, discomfort, gratitude, helplessness, relief, internal conflict, selfishness, guilt, directed, unfocused, faithful, & questioning.

There was a lot to process and I still find myself working through different emotions & thoughts.  I wonder what I can do, and I feel ridiculous worrying about being productive and setting myself up for a good week, while others are dealing with massive destruction and figuring out how to put the pieces back together.

This storm brought perspective.

I feel incredibly  fortunate & grateful.  I will move on, just like everyone will – some maybe quicker than others.  I will do what I can to lessen this traumatic event for others and I will go on to set myself up for a great week back at work.   So I can connect myself back to my purpose so I can serve and be present to others.

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